A qualified lawyer with her own practice; Voice Lawyers; Kayte Lewis empowers people through awareness and better communication.

Starting out at 18 as an actor and then a speech and drama teacher by age 22, Kayte is passionate about helping people “find their voice”.

After leaving her 18-year domestically violent marriage, she took the giant solo leap of moving to Sydney with 4 children in tow and turned her background, skills, and experience to voice coaching.

When she became a lawyer, Kayte realised how that base of possessing a voice of authority had helped her to navigate not only the court process herself but also to rebuild and create businesses that would support her and her family as they rebuilt from a life a DV.

Kayte’s personal story has meant she is now able to be the voice for women who don’t have one in mediation and the courts.

In this podcast Kayte shares how the first action to getting herself through was by taking one step forward then another, then another.  She explains why it takes discipline to progress and some days you need to be brutal with yourself to stay on track as you move towards the outcome you want.

Listen to discover how to speak with authority and not be defined by other people’s judgment.

To contact Kayte email kayte@voicelawyers.com or call 02 92318602.

Visit www.voicelawyers.com for more information about the services on offer.

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