The first worldwide Social Media Manager for BMW at the age of 24, Marlie Jolanda brings a world of marketing expertise to this podcast episode.  Having visited 28 countries, lived in 4 different countries and speaking 5 different languages, Marlie’s passion is now is to help Ambitious Women in Business to turn more Potential Customers into Paying Clients with Meaningful Marketing.

In this interview, Marlie shares valuable advice on:

  • Why it is imperative you start with the end in mind
  • Why you should be serving not selling
  • How to optimize your time and money when marketing
  • Why you need to understand the value of touch points
  • & How to ensure your marketing feels right for you (and your message)

Marlie explains the value in applying the Give-Give-Give-Ask formula (by Gary V) and how to use her simple 3-step funnel to move potential customers through 1) KNOW (cold leads) 2) LIKE (warm leads) and 3) TRUST (hot leads) quicker with higher conversion rates. Clarity & Confidence = Conversion!

If you are in business, this episode is a must.

If anyone is keen to find out more on how they can turn more Potential Customers into Paying Clients with Meaningful Marketing, Marlie offers a complimentary 15min ASK Strategy call to have a chat about you and your business.

You can book your call via her website

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