Publishing consultant, Bev Ryan serves business and professional women by providing book coaching, editing, design & publishing services to help them author quality books that give them authority and visibility in their space – and enormous self-confidence and pride.

Evidence of the care she shows in helping women find the clarity and courage they need to live the life they chose, and become confident, visible and valued for their unique intelligence, which contributes to a more compassionate and connected world is a priority when she works with her authors.

Bev explains her greatest satisfaction comes from seeing how publishing books impacts women professionally and personally.

In this episode, Bev explains the advantages of authoring a book and reminds us that:

  1. As a published author you will attract attention as well as expected and unexpected opportunities and invitations to speak, host, facilitate, partner – and more.
  2. You will gain recognition for your ideas and uniqueness in your industry, and you will no longer regard others as competition.
  3. At last, you will feel you are adding real value to the world through your work and reaching many more people than you ever dreamed you could.

Listen to learn why there is a book in everyone and how when you share our valuable IP and experiences, it will differentiate you from others and provide a platform to step into a mentor role where your wisdom is valued.

To get in touch with Bev and order your copy of ‘Smart Women Publish’ go to and when you do, you can book into a free coaching session valued at $175 anytime until the end of February 2020.

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