Suzy Carroll mentors’ mission-inspired women in overdrive. Women who want to make a positive impact but overwhelm is getting in the way.  

Using 35+ years’ experience in leadership and as an entrepreneur, plus navigating and eventually recovering from her ‘busyness addiction’, she guides women in unwinding from overwhelm, feelings of self-doubt and ‘not enough’; by identifying the often-hidden behaviour’s and beliefs perpetuated by social conditioning.  

In this interview, Suzy explains that women’s biggest advantage is the fact we are nourishers, givers, and pleasers. And it is also our biggest downfall.  

Revealing the four stages of finding clarity in your life, Suzy explains how you can do and feel differently about the ‘shoulds’ in our lives, thus reducing the busy habit. 

Don’t miss this episode of the We Are Women podcast to discover the difference between healthy busy (intentional and focused) and unhealthy busy (running on that hamster wheel and feeling exhausted and lacking intention and focus) and examining what you are tolerating. 

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