While working with asylum seekers on Nauru, Bronwyn Williams came face-to-face with her own biases of racism and white superiority.

Now, as The Bias Expert, Bronwyn works with boards, teams, and individuals to build awareness around bias in company culture, leadership and management, and staff welfare. Together, they identify the bias that is limiting productivity and develop bespoke strategies to increase profitability. 

In this episode, Bronwyn explains that bias is part of the way all human beings operate and why being aware is 50% of the game.

She tells us that bias has healthy consequences; like knowing that cars on the road can kill you; however, its largely hidden negative impacts are felt in relationships and the workplace.  

Listen to learn why our own biases can impede our interactions and our business growth.  

Learn more about how to work with your biases by downloading Bronwyn’s PDF giveaway on the benefits of working with bias at https://bronwilliams.mykajabi.com/opt-in

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