Mistake Thinking

“I don’t have enough time or resources”

You aren’t an island. Many people in business struggle overcoming the same five barriers to reach the success they desire.

The Top 5 Barriers to Success are….

1. Fear of Failure
2. Working in Isolation
3. Not Accurately Interpreting the Problems of your Market
4. Unclear of the How & Why of Decision Making
5. Lack of Direction

Number 5 Barrier to Success – Lack of Direction

Did you know that you have 168 hours every week to accomplish your objectives? Minus time for sleeping,eating,and all the basics of life,you still have about 100 hours to split between work and leisure time. Con­sider what you are achieving with your 100 hours? Do you allocate and prioritise time to work towards your goals. Do you feel you are making the most of your time and working towards a greater cause?

If you are anything like me,you may have dreams of establising a grand legacy if only you had unlimited time and resources . I’m yet to meet an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a grand, altruistic dream to give to some greater cause. Dreams are the spark that generates the desire to be successful and goals are the objectives that motivates us to take action.

If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies, you’ll remember Yoda’s advice to Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back.: “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no TRY.” So just why is it that we plan to try to find time or do something rather than taking action and just doing it?

Do you recognise what’s holding you back from taking action in your business? It is easy to get into a space where you constantly berate yourself for not taking action and focusing on what you ‘should’ be doing,rather than being in a more constructive place and reflecting on WHY you aren’t moving forward. The first step is to avoid self-recrimina­tion is to delete the should statements. We set ourselves up for failure by thinking this way.

Should promotes self-imposed expectations leading to feelings of uncertainty.

Take consolation in the fact that you aren’t alone. Most people I coach often feel this way when unsupported values and belief systems come into play.

I remember when I first took over a sales territory that had been perform­ing badly,I would do anything to avoid cold-calling on prospective busi­nesses. I would drive from one end of my territory to visit established customers justifying I was too busy to cold-call.

That was until I realised just how irrational this fear was and how it was affecting the future growth of my business and my current income.

Like me,you have filters that determine how successful you believe you are, what motivates you and where you place your focus. These filters inspire you to action or they curtail your efforts. They affect every decision you make and every action you take or don’t take. When you understand your filters and compare them with people you admire,you will develop the ability to adjust and design the responses that are more productive for your business and your life.

Do you know exactly what you want to achieve from your efforts? Where you want to take your business? What income you want to earn? What profile you want to promote? Without having a destination marked out, you won’t know what you are aiming at.

The first step to determining where you want to take your business is understanding exactly what you want to achieve. Dream big!When you are writing your business dreams,use as much imagination as you want and aim for the stars. Remember what you perceive you achieve. So if you can’t even imagine what your ultimate business looks like,how can you ever accomplish it?

What is your dream for your business? What are your business goals for the next 12 months? What are your business goals for the next three years?

Your goals can become a reality by using the CREATE formula. Writing your goals using this process, ensuring your goals are CONCISE, REALISTIC, ECOLOGICAL,ACHIEVABLE, TIMED  and  EVIDENCE-BASED  enabling them to become tangible.

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