Forget living in fear and learn how to ignite more possibilities.

Dr Desiree Beekharry is an experienced facilitator, presenter, and Conflict Management trainer.

She launched her start-up coaching business following a 30-year career in which she dedicated herself to her professional passions and expertise: Project Management and Disaster Management.

Desiree Beekharry Coaching is set to be her new passion and is dedicated to empowering women and ensuring that they find their mojo, self-esteem, and confidence.

She believes strongly in the advancement and empowerment of women professionally, financially, and personally.

In this interview, Desiree reminds us we are all born confident and have the skills and experience. We just need to walk with fear, and not be paralyzed by it.
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How we can forget living in fear and learn how to ignite more possibilities?

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