I spent this past week enjoying some important downtime. A few days on Hamilton Island now followed by a golf weekend on the Sunshine Coast. Always an advocate of prioritizing physical and mental wellness, I know taking time out of the work environment is vital. In fact, it is the first thing I prioritise in my calendar each year.

Though making sure I still have income while lounging on the beach is how I can relax fully. Having created a number of streams of income through my coaching and training business means I don’t always have to be in the room for the money to flow in.


One method that supports this is through my online training programs – Direct Sales Mastery & Accelerated Success Mastermind.

The method I have successfully used to bring clients into the programs is by hosting webinars. And in and upcoming 2-Day Bootcamp I will be sharing the secret formula on how you can do the same.

I have teamed up with Business Award-Winning Business Strategist, Chantal Gerardy to SHOW YOU how to create a training program that will help you find your audience, have them show up, and spend.

If you have ever considered creating a passive income by selling online through webinar this is a MUST do.

Click here for details of the Sell From Webinar Mastery Boot Camp. (BTW…The numbers are strictly limited to the first 10 people who register)

You will learn how to generate more leads, reach a bigger audience and make more sales from webinars. No more spending hours selling 1-to-1. 

Learn the formula to sell 1-to-many.

In this practical workshop, I will help you… 

1. Bring more energy and visual impact to your presentation. 

2. Create a high-quality professional presentation. 

3. Use a simple formula to sell without selling on your webinar.

Chantal will show you…

1. How to promote your webinar on social media to get sign-ups.

2. What to include in emails to get show-ups.

3. How to follow up to get sales.

This Boot Camp could just be a launchpad for your business.