How to drive your business forward is all about three daily non-negotiables. Listen to learn how you can implement these in your business to scale your business.

Business success coach and lifestyle strategist, Christine Campbell Rapin is the owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She founded the online community Scale Your Business to 6+ Figures & Beyond in 2018.

With over 25 years of thriving in the corporate world, she has learned to define success on her own terms.

Today she helps business owners transition from buying a job to running a thriving business without driving themselves into the ground for little to no profit through high ticket offers.

Christine is an International Best-Selling Co-Author (Heal 4.0 You Have the Power) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business.

Christine believes business is elegantly simple and finding clients does not need to be so hard. It does not require expensive tools like click funnels, ad budgets, SEO, landing pages, and complicated websites or logos.

Business is created by focusing on daily non-negotiables including:

  • 1. meet more people,
  • 2. know your so what factors
  • 3. get into conversations that spark curiosity and create value.

In this episode, she shares how you don’t need to struggle to create impact and a successful business.

Starting by asking the question…what is your business built on? And why if you are serving everybody – you are serving nobody.

Christine talks about the three things that drive all businesses and why these are daily non-negotiables.

Discover how to get into conversations that are already happening to open doors to new conversations and how to stand out from the sea of sameness and drive your business forward.

A must listen.

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