With over 40 years’ experience in business and leadership roles, We Are Women Podcast Host, Author, Communication and Confidence Coach and Business Mentor, Janeen Vosper has learned a lot about achieving balance in life.

While working as the General Manager of Sales for a multi-million dollar business, Janeen started her coaching business in 2007.

Balancing a busy career with her own business, her family and a plethora of social and volunteering activities, Janeen had to learn how to remain calm when her diary was full and the world was racing past.

The tips she is sharing in this podcast are designed to create balance and eliminate stress through ways to value your time and deleting the ‘Should’ statements.

Interviewer Sonia Cahill delves into Janeen’s techniques for chunking work using technology and staying on track.

Visit www.janeenvosper.com for details of upcoming workshops or booking time on a 20 minute Clarity call. Remember to also download your copy of her Free e:Book, ‘5 Barriers of Success’