I had the pleasure to be the guest on The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show with Rebecca Whitman.
Where I discussed how to overcome limiting beliefs around selling and shift the focus to service.

Listen to discover how to create and maintain your authentic brand online. Learn why scripts don’t work and focus on solving problems instead.

For over 20 years, I worked as the General Manager of Sales for a successful multi-million-dollar business, coaching high-performing commission-based sales teams.

Coaching business, Speech Perfect in 2007 to provide the tools to empower people to possess the confident voice of self-belief.

Keynote speaker, host of the We Are Women Podcast, and author of two books, my coaching includes online training programs, private coaching, and group seminars. Having presented workshops in many countries around the world, I had the privledge to represent her country at International speaking contests.

Topics discussed on this show…

♦️How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

♦️How to Create an Authentic Brand Online

♦️How to Shift your Sales Paradigm 

♦️3 Steps to Customer Engagement 

♦️What is her SPEAK Method of Coaching

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