Knowing how to pitch for profit is a critical aspect of generating sales in every business.

Something I get asked very regularly is how to construct and deliver a really effective business pitch that will have people paying attention and taking action.

There are a lot of mistakes that people make when they’re delivering a pitch. One of the biggest mistakes is reading it off, which is something we don’t want to do.

Using these five simple steps, it’ll help you remember the structure of your pitch.

That way it can be adaptable to your audience, or to the products that you’re delivering. Let’s run through these five steps.

The first one is explaining what you do.

And this is the one that will engage people. So it’s not talking about the technical part of what you do is how you help people the benefits to people.

Thirdly we’re going to talk about why what you do works for your clients or your customers.

And why should someone deal with you specifically, why do you stand out in their marketplace?

The fourth step is why now. Why is it critical that somebody works with you now this is such an important point to add to your pitch because you want people to take action.

This leads to the next point…what next?

What is it that you want people to do?

I’m going to run through these five steps and I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about with one of my pitches.

Here we go. What do you do?

“I provide coaching that empowers my clients so that they can do what they didn’t believe was possible. Giving them the skills to step up. The confidence to stand out. And be recognized as the go-to expert in the industry.”

And that’s what you need to be able to do. Explain what you do and how you help people in just a couple of sentences.

The next part is why it works.

“When they gain the confidence and skill base to deliver a clear message about why and what they do. It sets them apart in a crowded marketplace.”

That’s why it works because they’ve got the skill base they’ve got the competence to be able to speak about what they do. The third part is why you? Why is it important somebody is going to work with you?

“Having run a multimillion-dollar business and won multiple speaking competitions, including representing my country and having helped hundreds of clients I understand the steps it takes to establish an outstanding personal brand.

Now I share all those secrets with my clients so they can be seen and create the successful business of their dreams.”

What I’m saying here is to give your own kudos and you need to be able to do that. If you’ve got something that will set you apart. Your degrees, how long you’ve been in business, the dollar value that you take your business to etc. I know when I do a sales pitch I talk about the millions of dollars that I took that business being more specific because it’s a sales pitch, the thinking about why someone would want to deal with you again in just a couple of sentences.

And why now why is it critical now that someone would want to deal with you now?

My example.

“With more and more people turning to run their own businesses? It is more critical than ever, that people know how to stand out. And when they do their phone starts ringing.

are really giving that advantage in there as well as the importance of why it’s important now, but an advantage for taking action now.

This step leads to…what next?

What do I want people to do? Well, now I’m going to introduce myself because nobody really cared about at the beginning. They wouldn’t have remembered in the beginning. But now they’ll think this is something I’m interested in and they pay attention so…

My name is Janeen Vosper. I am offering three 20-minute business brainstorming sessions this week for free. And I would love to chat. If you could see how standing out would be a benefit to you. Let me know and I will send you an invitation.

So it’s not a big hard sales push and in this case, I’m giving something away for free. You might have something you want somebody to sign up for or come to a free webinar etc. But you can’t sell in a pitch.

You’re not selling anything.

You’re engaging with people so that they will take action to understand more about what you do and how you can help them.

Let’s just run through those again.

How to pitch for profit.

  1. What you do is the first point.
  2. The second one is why it works.
  3. Why you why would someone want to work with you?
  4. Why now why would they want to work with you right? At this time? Why is it so important?
  5. And what is your call to action? What do you want people to do? So they can engage with you even more and learn more about what we do hope that was helpful.

Think about those five easy steps when you’re running through your mind.

I am Janeen Vosper. If you do want to talk with me any further then get in touch by booking a time with me on my website. Visit

I look forward to speaking with you.