Mistake Thinking

“I have to do it all on my own”

You aren’t an island. Many people in business struggle overcoming the same five barriers to reach the success they desire.

The Top 5 Barriers to Success are….

1. Fear of Failure
2. Working in Isolation
3. Not Accurately Interpreting the Problems of your Market
4. Unclear of the How & Why of Decision Making
5. Lack of Direction

Number 2 Barrier to Success – Working in Isolation

Having coached hundreds of female entrepreneurs, I’ve found what many women do have in common when they are in their own business is the negative voice in their head which constantly judges their ability and worth.  This voice is often the foremost influencer of decisions and when endeavouring to grow a business and holds power of the success or failure.

You may be surprised as to how many women think this way and have a deep sense of feeling they being judged. Continually questioning their ability to do their job.  Without a doubt one of the greatest impediments to success for women in their own business is not seeking support and trying to go it alone.

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  And it is exceedingly common that women focus on their weaknesses rather than their strengths.  And when women do, it tends to be in a disparaging way.  Can you clearly identify your weaknesses without finding fault but with considered introspection to understand where your business shortcomings lie?  Be truthful with yourself and recognise where you might need to get help to address any shortcomings.

Most women feel they have to be able to manage everything…be in control all the time.  I’m not just talking about the work situation but in all aspects of their lives.

A super mum, a super wife, a super worker, a super friend, a super all-rounder. Maybe you recognise this way of thinking in yourself?   I know in the past I’ve often felt overwhelmed by believing I had to be in control all of the time.  Having to feel in control so you don’t get out of control diminishes your self-confidence and you begin to play the big, scary movie in your head of not being good enough.

If you don’t recognise where you need assistance, your decisions will be based on lack.  Your lack of ability to sell, your lack of accounting expertise, your lack of input from mentors, your lack of on-line expertise, your lack of a supportive sounding board, your lack of money, time, energy, and the list goes on.  Lack will cause you to make mistakes and miss opportunities.

Einstein said “We’re boxed in by the boundary conditions of our thinking.” So seek help from mentors, attend courses, and join mastermind groups.  Don’t expect that you know it all and have to do it all yourself.  You won’t believe the difference it will make to your life once you develop your network of encouraging supporters.

You can do – be – have and create anything that you want.  You may just have to get some help to do so.


  • Outsource activities you know you aren’t good at
  • Ask for help from an expert
  • Attend courses to upskill
  • Develop a support network
  • Join a mastermind group
  • Work with a business buddy

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