How can you increase sales by understanding and implementing the Sales Game?

Forbes magazine has acknowledged the increase in the number of entrepreneurial women has grown exponentially in recent years.

Starting up in business can be an exciting time for the woman entrepreneur but also a daunting time as well. In the excitement of getting things going, she often overlooks the obvious – profitable sales are the lifeblood of any business, selling is a skill and they have to learn how to play the sales game.

And sales and selling can be as fearful for some people as speaking in public.

Without exception, I’ve found that although most women entrepreneurs have a great deal of ability, many fail to realise just how crucial it is when running their own business to express confidence in themselves – their message – and their ability.

It is often easy to sell for a business where you are employed but when stepping into your own business, most people find it exceedingly challenging. When it is your own product the judgement of whether a person purchases or not becomes all about you personally feeling judged.

“Easy to judge the mistakes of others, difficult to recognize our own mistakes.” Anonymous

In my previous book, ‘Good Girls do Sell’, I wrote – “it is surprising just how many women have a deep sense of being judged.” In fact, I now don’t find it surprising.

Having worked with hundreds of smart, talented ladies who constantly doubt themselves and who resonate with what many call the ‘Imposter Syndrome, I understand how difficult it can be to feel you are good enough.

When my husband and I were discussing this problem, he was surprised that many women felt like this until, on further introspection, he recognised this sense of self-doubt in many of his female co-workers. These were women that he believed were exceptional in the performance of their duties but still lacked the confidence to allow themselves to value their worth and the value they provided the organization.

Recognising this is a problem, it is understandable why so many women have so much trouble with selling. A term my friend uses when we discuss selling is ‘Icky’.

Do you find selling ‘Icky’?

It certainly can be if you are trying to sell something.

Selling should be all about service.

Business coach, Brian Tracy claims that you must approach each customer with the idea of solving a problem or achieving a goal – not selling a product or service.

It is no wonder it is ‘Icky’ when your focus is on making the sale. When you focus on the features of your offer such as, it is convenient, reliable, you have immediate access, it saves time, is healthy, secure, entertaining, etc, you are telling. When you talk about the benefits, you are selling.

Features tell – Benefits sell.

When your focus is on W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me?) – me being your customer – you can step out of feeling uncomfortable and step into helping a person solve a problem.

What results will they get that will improve their current situation? Will it make them healthier, wealthier, or wiser? Benefits sell.

The most compelling benefits are those that provide an emotional or financial return. It is not the steak; it is the sizzle. It is not the gift; it is the thought. It is not the price; it is the overall value.

Emotional returns are related to making the customer feel better in some way. Financial returns generally save money or make money for a customer.

If your focus is 100% on how your product or service will assist someone, there is no way you are going to hold back on sharing how when you have a chance. Focussing on a customer’s needs and rather than your anxieties will enable you to cross that fear barrier and achieve success in sales.

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