Mistake Thinking

“I can grow my business without stepping out of my comfort zone and taking risks”

You aren’t an island. Many people in business struggle overcoming the same five barriers to reach the success they desire.

The Top 5 Barriers to Success are….

1. Fear of Failure
2. Working in Isolation
3. Not Accurately Interpreting the Problems of your Market
4. Unclear of the How & Why of Decision Making
5. Lack of Direction

Number 1 Barrier to Success – Fear of Failure

You may remember the hilarious 2008 Jim Carey comedy, The Yes Man. In this movie, Carey’s character, Carl Allen life was at a standstill. He was depressed and saw no future. Until the day he enrolled into a personal development program based on a very simple idea: say YES to everything! Carl discovered with amazement the magical power of YES, and saw his professional and romantic life turned upside down overnight, with an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend even.

Although as you would expect in this type of movie not everything goes to plan but the premise of just saying YES to everything created limitless opportunities and boundless joy he hadn’t experienced until he chose to explore the advantages of consciously deciding to step out of his comfort zone.

Carl discovered at first saying YES was like any habit that needed to be practiced until it becomes instinctive. A response that had to be deliberately chosen. Instead of the usual thought of reasons why not; why he couldn’t, as is human nature; he automatically said yes to everything instead not worrying about the logistics or the results.

Consider the concept of saying YES to opportunities yourself and doing something you haven’t done before. When you step out of your comfort zone and try something different, you can’t help but notice how your perspective changes. It can be terrifying at first but when you get in the habit of trying new things on a regular basis, I guarantee, you will gain the confidence to take on even the most daunting activities.

It is a fact that one of the most feared experiences for people is to speak in public. Many people moving into their own business lack the confidence and know-how to sell their ideas and to speak with influence. Often the reason is they fear to take that next step and push their boundaries. Being able to deliver a clear and concise message about your business offer and speak with authority to any audience…anytime, will open doors you never dreamed possible.

You will find that once you overcome your fear of failure the benefits are life changing. When you learn to trust that your business offer is worthwhile, and are able to confidently convey your passion with clarity, you will be able to create a real shift in the way you value yourself and your business message.
Once you take that challenge to step out of your comfort zone, I promise you, like Carl Allen, you will quickly realise the results don’t have to be 100% successful for you to begin to diminish your fear of failure or fear of consequence.

You can choose to ‘Play it Safe’ and find reasons why you can’t do something…to allow your comfort zone shrink to eventually become a confinement of anxiety; where your decisions are made from a place of fear; or you can choose to take chances to expand your experiences and explore all opportunities on offer. Becoming the success you dream of being?

 Try something new every day
 Say YES when you are thinking no
 Don’t worry about failing – in the scheme of things other people rarely notice
 Practice speaking your message to anyone who will listen
 Trust your business offer is worthwhile and wanted

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