Oprah Winfrey famously quoted: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

I know, I have lived by this mantra all my working career.

When I was a mum of young children I began planning the job I wanted that would give me flexibility and fit in with my family…so I trained to be an Aerobic Instructor.  I jumped, squatted, dipped, stepped and ran for over 10 years.

While I was in the gyms, I figured it would make sense to sell gymwear. Now we are talking spectacular Israeli lycra, G-string leotards and coloured tights. It proved to be a very profitable business doing what I loved. 

As I was heading towards 40, (fond memories), I figured the body wasn’t going to be able to continue physically at that pace conducting 16 classes a week forever so began planning my next career. 

What next?

Loving everything about people and selling, I began my Diploma of Business Management which meant I was ready to step up from new reps job, to take on a General Manager of Sales role when it was available. A position I held for nearly 20 years growing a multi-million dollar business and working with a commission-based sales team to achieve extraordinary results.

What next?

During this time I invested tens of thousands of dollars with the world’s best coaches to set myself up to be successful in my own training business. A business I kicked-off in 2007 while still in the GM role.

What next?

Since 2018 the focus has been 100% on growing Speech Perfect to assist people to do exactly what I have done. And, to have the confidence and skill to be a success at it.

Hence why a couple of years ago Super Stylist, Moana Robinson and I, created the ‘Be Stage Ready’ Workshop for anyone who wants to gain confidence in how they look and how they sound. The results and increased confidence of participants after doing this workshop have even impressed us. Have a listen.

If this sounds like you, and you can either attend in person or zoom in for the next 1/2-Day workshop, check out the link below and register.

In the meantime remember Ophah’s words and be sure you are always prepared for every opportunity that comes your way

Yours in business

Janeen Vosper