(and Make More Sales Without Selling… Learn the Spiral Dynamics Method)

Have you ever lost what you thought was a sure sale?

You know the one I mean. Where everything seemed to be going extremely well and without warning the prospect is saying, “I need to think about it.”

Aaahhh! 😱

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You are willing them to just say YES! 👍👍👍

But you know they won’t be back and left wondering what you did wrong.

Been there more than once in my 30+ years working in sales. 😳

It rarely happens now fortunately but I can remember how it felt. 😬

A method I have used for many years now to understand how why people make the decision to buy…OR NOT, is based on the study of Spiral Dynamics.

Spiral Dynamics provides information about the values ​​and human behaviour models based on a person’s current conditions of life, and not about the type of his personality.

Simply, it means that with the right questions, you can determine where somebody is sitting within the spiral and whether they will say yes or no based on their value focus at that particular point in time.

It is a favourite topic of all my sales coaching clients.

An example is if you come across a person in the Fourth Level (blue), they are often the gatekeeper for a business and follow the rules. If you hear the person say, “It is against the rules,” you know you have a blue.

How to get around a blue?

  1. Use the printed word and stress the shoulds and oughts.
  2. Be consistent and cover all the details.
  3. Let them know step by step what should be done.

When you understand how to get buy-in from each level of the spiral, you will find a lot more people will be saying yes.

This topic is covered in depth in the Sales Mastery Workshops. I share why it is important to explain the Pay Off to a person in Orange but why doing so to a Green will turn them away from you and your offer.

Why you should never quote ‘what management says’ to a Yellow or not use logic for a Red.

It is fascinating.

Learn how to implement and learn how to NOT lose a SURE SALE again.

Remember…you are never selling…people are buying.

Yours in Business


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