What does 2023 have planned for you?

Or should I ask, what have YOU planned for 2023?

You may have seen this quote by Benjamin Franklin before…

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

He was exactly right.

I work with so many small business owners who have good intentions around planning but the busyness of every day takes over, and without noticing…Poof! 

Another year has passed and they have the same outcomes as they did the year before. 

  • Too busy to spend time on what they love!
  • Too focussed on lack they miss out on opportunities!
  • Too exhausted to make the effort to look for ways of doing things differently!

Does that sound like you?

I know before I realised how important it was for me to invest in myself, I kept citing, I was too busy, I didn’t have enough money, and I was too pressed for time to commit, as reasons why not. 

When in fact, it was FEAR. 

I was too focussed on Finding Excuses And Reasons – FEAR!

Methods to let go of Fear I have used.

  • Let go of judgment
  • Watch your words
  • Say Yes!
  • Say No!
  • Accept others
  • Validate other’s opinions
  • Accept what you can or can’t change

If you are feeling FEAR and finding excuses as to why you aren’t worth investing in, we need to chat about how you can overcome this and have the successful business of your dreams.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, book a Discovery Session to discuss how this will look for you.

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