1-Day Workshop INTENSIVE


A 1-Day Authentic Sales Workshop for Small Business Owners.

Sales Training that isnt ‘Salesy’.

Learn Effective Sales Mastery to Assist You in Increasing Sales Conversions.


Elevate Your Sales Game in Just One Day!

If you really want to know the simplest, fastest, and most lucrative way to overcome sales challenges and equip yourself with genuine sales techniques you need to drive revenue and expand your business this personalised Masterclass is for you.


It could make all the difference to you and your business success now, and into the future. Unlock the potentional to thrive rather than just survive with effective sales skills.



an image of sales and brand authority coach, Janeen Vosper running training in Sales Mastery for a group of business leaders in a room all sitting each side of a long orange table
Sales Mastery will help you overcome selling challenges


The Sales Mastery Training for Small Business Owners who want to be BIGGER Business Owners

The Optimal Sales Training Workshops are designed for business builders who want the experience of personalised business coaching from an industry leader in authentic selling.

This training is for you if your fear of being too pushy stops you from generating leads and closing important sales.

Or if you feel nervous when you have to make ‘that’ phone call or meet a prospective client face-to-face?

In this 1-Day personalised workshop, you will discover how to overcome the blockages around selling that are holding you back from the success you desire in your business.

Once you develop the confidence to promote your product without feeling like a shark. You will generate more high-quality customers who were willing to pay more for your product.

I will lead you through the processes to overcome negative beliefs around selling and learn the techniques to build instant rapport. Once you have completed this training you will be equipped to achieve a positive outcome with every exchange.

There is a simple yet effective way to build relationships with clients, so instead of having to make a ‘sale’, they are rushing to you to buy.

Discover how this works time and time again by activating each of the 5 Keys of Authentic Selling.

Transform yourself and your team into confident and persuasive sales representatives who reflect your business’s values and goals. 

Learn how customer-focused selling techniques in this Sales Masterclass will ensure you stand out in the marketplace.

2024 Training Dates – Join In-person or Online:

March 1 + September 27

Kristy learned how to confidently pitch to her client without feeling ‘salesy’.

Janice learned how to ask for a sale and overcome her fear of selling and getting clarity around that and who was her best prospect.


Justine’s biggest takeaway was how incorporating Spiral Dynamics in understanding why people make decisions will help her communicate better with prospects.

In-House Sales & Customer Engagement Training Available on Request

Email for more information about arranging a Sales Training Session for your business.

If you are in your own business and missing out on sales because you don’t want to be pushy or you simply don’t know what to say…then you can’t miss this sales Masterclass.

You are going to learn…

  1. How to embed the basics of success by applying techniques that will build reserves for the long haul.
  2. Shift negative self-talk into positive communication and foster a confident selling mindset.
  3. How to stand out from the crowd by defining your market and building a following.
  4. How to develop a clear message about what you do and express your personal story.
  5. Personality profiling to overcome objections and have people buying.
  6. Perfect your pitch and create a confident brand presence
  7. Follow-up techniques that aren’t painful

Veronica Jackson from Style Radiance talks about how she solved her problem around selling by getting more clarity about telling a story and making it simple to understand.

Her biggest takeaway was learning about new strategies such as Spiral Dynamics and how it can help her to attract and relate to her perfect client.

She is now able to implement the strategies she learned in the Masterclass immediately to be more successful in making sales.

Are you hitting roadblocks in your business and feeling disappointed you aren’t reaching set goals?

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