Practice makes perfect.  Well that is what we are constantly told isn’t it?  But is it correct?

This idea was probably best publicised as Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hour rule”, which says that takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at any skill.

There is a problem with this idea.  Research suggests it isn’t true. Practice is helpful in improving performance but it plays a surprisingly small role in determining whether people become virtuosos or not.

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By employing the right techniques to authentically build rapport using methods such as pacing, as one example, with practice, you will learn to recognise how best to connect with your clients.

Skills such as this will enable you to see things from your customer’s position, and to enable you to build rapport quickly so they feel comfortable with you.  Like any group of people you feel comfortable with, whether your family, friends or colleagues, you trust them and they trust and respect you.  Believe me when I say, when you have these skills mastered, you will have more clients and earn more money with your improved base of loyal customers.  Read More in my Book Good Girls Do Sell

I figure although practice may not make us perfect, it certainly provides us with a heck of a lot more skills to fall back on when required.  And when it comes to public speaking it is quite obvious, practice promotes…

  • Confidence
  • A better performance
  • Enjoyment as it becomes easier

If your goal is to lose 10kg, your daily goals would be to exercise for a set time and to limit the amount of calories.  You can measure this each day and know if you maintain to your daily goals, you will achieve your weight goal.  If your goal is to become a confident public speaker, apart from attending a course to learn the skills required, you could join a public speaking club that encourages regular practice and stepping out of your comfort zone such as POWERtalk.  Read More in my Book Good Girls Do Sell

When I first became an aerobics instructor (many moons ago) I wanted to hone my skills and would practice routines at every chance (I said many moons ago and before the age of Les Mills choreographed programs) till I was confident I knew them backward and reproduce on demand (at 150bpm).  It meant I was confident, and could assist my class better as I didn’t have to think as much.  The routines became rote.

I’ve found it much the same for my speaking clients.  It can be blatantly obvious when a speaker hasn’t prepared and practiced.  So although maybe practice doesn’t make perfect…it certainly makes for a proficient performance.


  1. Practice will motivate you to do better
  2. Seek out opportunities to practice
  3. To relax and enjoy the process

Best wishes till next time.

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