What if they think I’m being pushy? Do you relate to that thinking when having a sales conversation?

As you would imagine, transforming one’s beliefs and values is often the biggest sticking point for most people when it comes to removing programmed negative attitudes towards salespeople and selling.

When you understand how your negative attitudes towards sales affects your commitment to building your business, and discover the tools to change those attitudes, you are on your way to making the selling process a more positive and beneficial experience.

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No wonder we have negative attitudes when it comes to selling when we are bombarded daily with telemarketers from overseas trying to sell us something we don’t want or need.  A bit drastic I know. but it does add to any preconceived ideas.

What beliefs around selling are holding your back?

  • I don’t want to be pushy
  • I don’t want to bother them
  • They probably won’t want what I’m offering anyway

Sounds familiar? When you stop trying to sell something and find out how your product or service can solve your client’s problems instead. I guarantee you will alter your beliefs around selling and even sales people which could be holding you back from business success.

A sales coach told me many years ago that the highest paid employee was a real estate sales women from the United States and that salespeople were on average, paid more than any other workers. Maybe that isn’t the case now with the top CEO’s are earning crazy money, but becoming confident and comfortable in the selling process is sure to provide opportunity for you to reap the rewards of a successful business.

Call me crazy but I enjoy selling and I know first-hand that being good at building strong client relationships and making a sale is the key to business success.

From the time I left high school I have always worked in some form of sales role. When my children were small I qualified as an instructor to fit in with their needs and began teaching aerobics part time. That might not sound like a sales role but trust me when I say it was one of the toughest ‘sells’ I ever had to do as I had to convince members to be motivated enough to turn up and exercise in my classes as I was paid a bonus on head count. To complement the coaching, I was also retailing made to measure gym gear for a local manufacturer.  It was the era of Jane Fonda exercise videos and flashy leotards. I made a bundle but knew the bubble would burst as gym fashions were changing. Read More in my Book Good Girls Do Sell


  1. Don’t try to sell
  2. Ascertain your prospects problems
  3. Believe your offer is of value

“Truth is a point of view, but authenticity
can’t be faked.” …. Peter Guber

Best wishes till next time.

Author of Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling”


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