You may relate to this.

I was recently discussing the fact that many of the entrepreneurs I work with get hung up on promoting themselves and their product or service.

When we did a deep dive into their reasoning and investigate why, the results proved a bit of a surprise.

So why do you think having a great product or service is not enough for success?

Did you guess EGO?

No?  Very few did. Most felt it was to do with not wanting to be pushy or annoying rather than recognising their anxiety was to do with their ego.  Can you relate?

When you place your customer’s needs ahead of your fears you won’t believe how easy it becomes to share your business ideas. 

When you communicate with a core conviction and remove ego, you will change the way you get information to people.

  • Does your product or service make life easier for people?
  • Does your product or service change people’s lives?
  • Does your product or service save people money?

Yes…then delete the ego and start sharing. Confidently knowing without a doubt that your offer is of great value.


  1. To acquire a core conviction
  2. Telling is not selling
  3. To remove the ego

Best wishes till next time.


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