“If I didn’t know better, I’d swear we have met before.

I’m feeling comfortable with your proposal. I trust you.”

If you know how to connect with people and communicate in a method that resonates with their perceptual filters, you will often hear statements like that from your clients time and time again.

If you don’t fully recognise where a customer is coming from, how they communicate with the world and what are their key reasons for making a decision is it will be difficult for you to not only connect with them but shift into the position you want of a trusted advisor.

As an entrepreneur or business leader understanding at least the basics of deciphering perceptions will give you unmatched tools and insights.

You can build this level of connection by matching and pacing. Anything you can identify, you can pace match or mirror.

  • The speed someone moves
  • Their postures
  • The size of their gestures
  • The rate of their breath
  • The rhythm of speech
  • The tonality, timber, pitch of voice
  • Tempo and intensity of speech
  • The words they use

By employing the right techniques to authentically build rapport, with practice you will learn to recognise how best to connect with your clients and to view the world from their perspective.


  1. People feel comfortable with those they trust and respect
  2. To see the world from your customers point of view
  3. To practice identifying what you can pace, match or mirror

Best wishes till next time.


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