Apart from not feeling comfortable speaking about themselves, my clients get most anxious about what they are going to speak about when they make the decision they want to develop presentations and speak from stage.

Many have amazing expertise on a subject and know it backwards, but once I challenge them to put it on paper, they look at me like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

It is excruciating watching them struggle with the content without any plan.

When they get a handle on it they quickly figure that once you have a plan, it becomes clear and easy.

In fact there are four points that must be addressed when you are looking at the What of any presentation.

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What content do they need to know in the time you have to tell them?
  • What stories and anecdotes relate to the content?
  • How have you developed your presentation plan?

When you know who your target audience is and develop your presentation around their needs; you offer content that your audience can absorb and value; they remember the learnings because you included anecdotes that relate; and your presentation has structure; you will become a speaker who is in demand and admired.


  1. Know what your target market wants and needs
  2. Write a list of your anecdotes
  3. Keep the content simple

Best wishes till next time.


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