I want to know about YOU.

I do.

And so does your audience.

Oh no…I can feel you cringing from here.

If you are a professional speaker or you have a desire to become a speaker, it is vital you know how to share your story.

When you speak in public, a narrative is a terrific method of engaging your audience. But it is essential it is organised in a particular manner. The object is to share an account of something that happened to you, an event, or something someone told you that makes a point.

It must have…

  • A Purpose
  • An Outcome
  • A Message
  • and an Action

What is your Why?  Why is it important you get your message to the masses? What can you provide with your Why?  What point do you want to make?

What is the purpose of your Why?  What outcome do you want for your audience? What message do you want to portray with your Why?  And what action will your Why encourage others to take?

If you want to deliver a presentation that is memorable (for all the right reasons) it is vital you have answers to these questions to ensure your story is congruent with your Why and it makes a point that will fulfil your purpose. It provides the outcome you desire, delivers your message and inspires action.


  1. Avoid inserting random stories
  2. Make sure to add strong transitions
  3. Memorise your stories – Don’t use notes

Best wishes till next time.


Author of “Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling”

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