Some of Janeen’s Success Stories

Combined Sales Training Group Comments at the 1-Day Sales Mastery

Grace is a lawyer

Sophie is a Nutrition Advisor

Gina is a Marketing Expert




Be Stage Ready 1/2 Day Workshop with Janeen Vosper and Moana Robinson

Rhiannon is a fantasy author

Virginie is a bookkeeper

Brad is an IT expert

Faisey works with an MLM

Sandra is a hypnotist

Cheryl helps people find the right job

Julie is a beautician


Maryanne Elliot from 360 Mortgage Solutions explains how she overcame her fear of being seen a ‘salesy’ and was enthusiastic about taking action now she knows how to best understand her client’s needs.




In this 1-Day Sales Mastery Workshop, Janice Muir from I Believe, I Achieve learned how to ask for the sale and enjoyed more success in her business.

“We found Janeen’s workshop was EXACTLY what we needed. Her many practical techniques opened our minds to a more professional and creative approach, enabling us to achieve our personal objectives with practice.
Learning the Psychology behind the structure of a presentation and Janeen’s expertise has enhanced the quality of our presentation, which resulted in us tripling our sales volume in only 6 months.”

Jane & Rae

Cerule, Hervey Bay

Not only did I learn the real reason behind my fear in selling but how to actually get excited about it.  In now have a much better appreciation of exactly who my client is and what approach works best for them.
Nadine Beveridge

Best Holiday Rentals, Gold Coast

I loved the Trainers teaching style. Janeen was encouraging and honest and made everything easy to listen to and absorb. I loved the way Janeen brought me out of my shell and made me feel comfortable in speaking openly.
Wendy De Beer

Printing Brisbane, Brisbane

Janeen’s workshop on the 5 Keys to Authentic Selling was fantastic! Janeen’s wonderfully warm and friendly persona created an inviting atmosphere and allowed all present the freedom to fully participate and get the most out of the content that was being presented
Jaleesa Paine

Your Mortgage

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