When speaking in public there are techniques you should definitely adapt to and others you should never do.

Read to learn how you can improve your public speaking skills.

I have been a member of a not-for-profit public speaking organisation for nearly 20 years now. 

Having taken on executive leadership roles in clubs, the state, and even as President of Australia a couple of times. 

The organisation is called POWERtalk but began its story as Toastmistress Clubs…yes mistress…not to be confused with master. It was the days when men and women played in separate sand pits. 

Even though one component of my business is all about helping my clients get confident putting themselves out there as speakers, I still find a lot of value from my membership through mentoring and challenging impromptu assignments.

And I even got to represent my country in 2013 in Hawaii as the Australian speech contest winner and coach a couple of international winners.

Being an engaging public speaker is one of the most important skills anyone can possess to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

There are a few things that people get wrong though when speaking that do the opposite. 

A few poor public speaking habits to avoid:

     ❌Expecting perfection from yourself.

     ❌Equating public speaking to your self-worth.

     ❌Being nervous about your nervousness.

     ❌Trying to memorize every word.

    ❌Reading word for word.

And to balance that, 5 skills to become a confident public speaker:

    ✔️Express a confident stage presence.

    ✔️Acquire voice control.

    ✔️Master your body language.

    ✔️Deliver a polished performance (avoiding um, ah filler words goes a long way to achieving this.

    ✔️Connect with your audience.

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