Watching the Olympians win GOLD has taught me a lot about how to make more sales.

Are you addicted to watching the Olympics like me?

I’m a huge fan and find myself drawn to the TV (which I have on in two rooms, on two different game channels) rather than staying focussed on the to-do list.

Can you relate?

I’ve been a fan of the Olympics for since I can remember. I can even name all the modern Olympic host cities in order, starting with Athens in 1896. See…clearly obsessed. 

I am in awe by the concentrated focus the athletes possess in getting the job done.

I am amazed at how a person ranked 48 can lift beat the number 1 tennis player in the world because they find that little extra passion as they are representing their country. 

I am inspired by the dedication of the athletes who spend years honing their skills and keep pushing through often under difficult circumstances. (As 2020 was for most)

From Bonnie Blair, American speed skater, and five-time gold medallist we can learn that…

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before.”

It is the same when it comes to sales conversations and building a business. You aren’t always going to win, it is about being open to new learning, and applying those skills so you can do better every time.

From Bronte Barratt, Australian swimmer, and 2008 gold medallist we can learn that…

“It’s not about winning at the Olympic Games. It’s about trying to win. The motto is faster, higher, stronger, not fastest, highest, strongest. Sometimes it’s the trying that matters.” 

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary and the fear of doing something that makes us uncomfortable holds many people back from achieving the results they desire. Make that phone call, knock on that door and give it a go. 

From Mark Spitz, American swimmer, and 9-time Olympic medallist we can learn that…

“If you fail to prepare, you’ve prepared to fail

Preparation and practice are the keys to every successful sales conversation.

From Muhammed Ali, American boxer, and 1960 gold medallist we can learn that…

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” 

Taking risks leads to greater sales success. If you have a high level of sales motivation, you are much more willing to take risks. If you’re more willing to take risks, you’re more likely to achieve a higher level of sales success.

From Peggy Fleming, American figure skater, and 1968 gold medallist we can learn that…

“The first thing is to love your sport. Never do it to please someone else. It has to be yours.”

When you love what you do you will feel more fulfilled, you will be more productive, and you will inspire others. You will succeed.

Enjoy watching the games and apply these learnings from some of our greatest Olympians every day.

Yours in sales

Janeen Vosper

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