How can you achieve your best results in tough times?

I mentioned in last week’s blog how much I enjoy watching the Olympic events. And what a week it has been? I am super impressed by the depth of the Australian talent in a diverse range of sports.

From Kayaking to BMX, skateboarding, and rowing, I am in awe of the dedication, but even more so when I hear how much adversity the athlete had to overcome just to get to Tokyo.

In interviews, many of the athletes talk about how pushed through the pain, pushed through adversity, and pushed through fear while maintaining a clear focus on what they wanted to achieve.

As millions of Australians are currently in lockdown the games have offered moments of joy as we celebrated and shed happy tears of joy with the rest of the country.

But it has been tough.

With little to no financial or emotional support, for the business owners, workers, sole traders, mums, dads, and children, we have had to find ways to survive during this tough time.

And if you have been watching social media, it is fear that is causing disconnect, emotional stress, and even abuse.

Rather than cheering on each other, I’ve seen where fear is sadly causing a rift in our society. 

So how can we reduce the emotional stress caused by fear and overwhelm like our illustrious athletes? So that we can not just survive, but thrive to be the best we can be during this difficult time?

Top 11 tips to do just that:

  • Let go of expectations
  • Take time out
  • Remember to breath through panic
  • Face your fears
  • Don’t try to be perfect
  • Visualise a happy place
  • Get outside and connect with nature
  • Listen to uplifting stories and music
  • Pat a puppy
  • Reward yourself
  • Talk about it

Whatever it is that causes you stress and fear, applying these 11 tips will help you cope with day-to-day anxieties.

If anxiety continues reach out and ask for help.

Organisations such as The Black Dog Institute, LifeLine, and Beyond Blue are just a few that will take the time to listen.

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