Are you wondering what a road trip and business success have in common?

Having just returned from a week travelling over 4000 kilometers through outback Queensland, I’m super pumped to share my learnings from the trip.

Learnings that not only apply to a driving holiday…but importantly, to life and business.

  1. Things don’t always go to plan…and that is okay as the wrong turn in the road can lead you to something amazing.
  2. Expectations differ. You don’t always agree with your travel partner. Compromising and finding new options to delight is the key to a stress-free journey.
  3. It is important to enjoy the silences. While I admit I compulsively listen to books when I’m on the road, making time for silence cleared my mind and allowed an opportunity for daydreaming.
  4. Go off the beaten track. One of our favourite pastimes when travelling is to occasionally take the road less travelled and discover the gem at the end we never expected.
  5. Photo opportunities are everywhere. mmm…sorry about that my Facebook friends. 😉 Share your experiences and hidden beauty with the world.
  6. Pack light. When we carry too much load we spend more time than necessary worrying about the perceptions of others.
  7. Ask for directions. When visiting somewhere new or doing something we haven’t attempted before, it is important to utilise local knowledge.
  8. It is all about the journey. Although I teach goal setting and encourage my clients to focus on the destination, it is important that you remember to enjoy the journey along the way.

Life and business are very much like a long-distance road trip.

A road trip is an adventure in itself and it is more than just reaching the destination. Keep your goals front and centre, but start enjoying the journey now.

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