Learn tips on how to set boundaries and fall in love with your emotions

Beth Dovey
Beth Dovey is a Stress Recovery Specialist. She coaches professionals away from stress, emotional reactivity, and feeling like they always must have it all together, allowing them to step into their authenticity, aliveness, and alignment with what is really important to them. 

So, they live a life with no regrets. 

Beth combines the gold from 15 years of medical science with Metadynamics TM, positive psychology, coaching methodologies, along with her life experience. She left a 15-year domestic violent marriage in 2014, during which time she had 3 kids, 2 businesses & worked nights as a medical scientist. 

At this point she was just a shell of a person surviving and burnt out, through her fascination with human behavior she has now rebuilt her life and birthed her business Alignment Coaching Services, which she has designed around her values and what lights her up, enabling her to experience the joys life has to offer. 

In this episode Beth shares methods on how you can prioritize yourself and learn to fall in love with your emotions.

She talks about the skills needed to be able to rebuild, feel joy and have the full experience of all of what life could offer.

And how she can now help her children to become independent, healthy, motivated individuals who know what real happiness and love are. 

Listen to learn how to give yourself permission to have emotions and express them in a healthy way.

To understand ways, you can meet your needs, respect your own boundaries and emotions.

And create awareness around what is important to us.  

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