Episode 28 

Suzi Dent – Mrs Earth Australia

As a multiple award winning hair and makeup artist for film and television, Suzi was thrilled to be on the other side of the camera when she represented Australia and came up trumps.  Having won Mrs Earth Australia, Suzi was able to share her vision for the charity Soles for Souls in Las Vegas at the international contest where she was announced as the third runner-up.

As a 55 year old and competing against women who in Suzi’s words “I could have birthed”, she is now sharing her passion to empower women with the know-how to age with a positive mindset. She encourages women on the joy of giving back and how to pay attention to the opportunities life brings.

In her words “Age is just a number, it’s what you do with that counts”.

Contact Suzi at www.mrsearthaustraliac.com.au