Louise Fitzgerald-Baker – The Pink Hard Hat

As a busy mother of three daughters, wife and property developer, Louise Fitzgerald-Baker has as new title to add to her portfolio and that is of best-selling author.

From 2007-2017 Louise built over 42 million dollars in Brisbane property and when many developers failed, she succeeded despite a static market, tight budget and strong competition.

Louise recently released her first book titled “The Pink Hard Hat – Building the Resilient Woman.” In it she draws upon  her collective experience to help women reboot their lives, health and finance with a particular emphasis on well-being and financial resilience.

In this interview, Louise shares how all women can develop resilience using a proven step by step process providing clarity, insulation and strength in life, love and business today.

Although it appears women are taking on more influential roles in business, Louise holds a spotlight to the fact that many women still aren’t educated about money beyond earning, and are finding themselves in financial stress as they near retirement.

A great listen on lessons from three generations of successful business women.

Louise Fitzgerald-Baker


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