Trainer and Coach Angela Heise has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, offering insight and practical tools to help people improve their lives by better understanding themselves.
Growing up in a family where women were considered to be inferior to men, or, as her grandmother put it, “always walk the lower path”, Angela became aware early in life how this didn’t match her perception, namely that the women in her family were often stronger than the men – but didn’t believe it and therefore lived unsatisfying lives that were full of drama and resentment.
Angela decided to break with tradition, and live a life that would please her, no matter what her family thought of her choices.
In this interview Angela explains why women avoid being assertive and speaking up when men are present and how to let go of fear of ‘being too much’.
She also shares how to develop guidelines with your partner to create harmony in the home plus a really interesting discussion on why women insist on trying to change the man they fell in love with.

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