Multi international award winning speaker mentor, Trish Springsteen, is an international bestselling author of 11 books, specialising in speaker training.

In this podcast, Trish shares why enhancing your speaking and communication skills provides a solid foundation for your business and personal life. And why getting good at it will underpin everything you do.

A lot of topics are touched on in this conversation which will offer insight in to developing effective communication skills.


  • How to develop confidence and self-belief to overcome fear of public speaking and fear of success.
  • How to communicate with both men and women. There is a difference.
  • And how to overcome the sense of overwhelm and judgement to become an effective networker.

Trish knows how valuable speaking and communication skills have been to her when she faced challenges in her life and now her passion is to share those skills with women as they face their challenges.  Subscribe, download and listen.

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