Alyse McConnell says her job and joy as your coach is to help expand to expand your awareness and then help you choose the best course of action in how you respond.

Awareness + Action, that’s what gets us to growth and freedom.

She gives reasons why this is one of the most important skillsets the best leaders learn to develop in themselves and others.

Alyse blends her professional experience as a business trainer, corporate leader and start-up entrepreneur with the personal life lessons cultivated as a mother, wife, and cancer survivor. A graduate of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, she earned her credentials as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation after completing the San Diego, CA-based Accomplishment Coaching program, where she went on to become an instructor and program leader.

For nearly 20 years Alyse has honed her ability to sharpen mindset skills of everyone from individuals focused on personal and professional development to mid-level managers’ intent on stepping up their game, to top leaders implementing massive strategic shifts.

In this podcast, she questions just exactly how big do you want to play and how will you challenge yourself to get there.

Alyse explains that by expanding your space for awareness and action you can tap into new wellsprings of possibility, purpose, and power. And it is all a matter of how to best utilise the 4 inches between your ears.

Alyse shows how to be in charge of the number of negative and repetitive thoughts you have each day to create the life you desire.


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