Julie Randall was a 50-year-old working mother of two teenage girls when in 2012, following a sudden seizure at work, she was told she had stage four metastatic melanoma in her brain, pancreas, both lungs, and liver and only had months to live.

After making a promise to her distraught teenage daughters that she would not die, Julie refused to accept her terminal prognosis and set about researching her condition. Undeterred and showing remarkable resolve Julie identified a clinical trial in Portland

Oregon, her best (and only) hope. That hope was dashed when she was told the trial was full (only 70 places were available, all of them set aside for, and filled by, American citizens).

Not one to take no for an answer Julie “nagged ” her way onto the trial where (after overcoming serious set backs) she became known as “Patient 71”.

Julie’s story of survival was covered by 60 minutes and recounted in her moving memoir “Patient 71”.

Today, seven years on Julie is cancer free and possesses a perspective few of us will ever know.

Julie tells her story of perseverance and determination in this interview that ensured she was a true survivor.

Julie now helps women from all walks of life to deal with fears of why they aren’t good enough to take action and to change their questioning to “What I can” and not What if I can’t”?

This is an impactful interview that emotionally connects and provides you with a desire to be brave in all aspects of your life.

You can purchase Julie’s book, ‘Patient 71’ from Booktopia or any online store.

To contact visit www.Julierandall.com.au  Or email My email is jrandall02@optusnet.com.au

Also visit her on Instagram and Facebook, Julie Randall – Patient 71

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