Own your space & shine.

When you know how to own your space, speak up, and set boundaries, you will no longer suffer in silence. But become a light for others to shine.

Business confidence coach, Martha Mok is the founder of Super Confidence Coaching. She specializes in empowering businesswomen to reach their full potential through confidence and achieving a balance between business, life, and relationships. 

Martha is recognized in the Top 1% of all women’s confidence, mindset, and business coaches in Australia. She is an International motivational speaker, an author of 6 eBooks & 1 co-author published book, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

After 19 years of an abusive marriage, experiencing bullying from a young age, and being sexually molested by someone she trusted, Martha explains why no woman should suffer in silence. 

That they should have a voice and be able to tell their story.

In this interview Martha shares tips for letting go of control and giving yourself a space to grow. 

To own your space & shine.

She talks about how confidence is not about being perfect. It is about having the confidence to be the imperfect you and still smiling.

And why asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it shows bravery instead.

If you ever feel like a great pretender, showing on the outside you are good, but empty on the inside…this podcast will provide you with tools to speak up with respect and know how to set strong boundaries.

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