When I start working with clients helping them overcome anxiety around selling and increasing sales in their businesses, there are five steps we focus on.

Number 1…

Delete the ‘I’ and focus on W.I.I.F.M.

Making the selling and cold calling process about you is the number one roadblock to successful prospecting and the number one cause of sales reluctance.  Instead of making the selling process about you and how much you can gain if you make the sale; or lose if you don’t; focus on the prospect and how much value you can deliver to them.  
Once you shift your focus and energy towards making it about the prospect, it will immediately relieve you of the unnecessary pressure to look good and perform. 

Number 2…

Eliminate Unsupportive Beliefs

Unfortunately, there are those old limiting beliefs that often keep us, prisoners, stalling our professional growth and preventing us from creating greater selling opportunities. 

By taking control of your unsupportive beliefs and values, and learning how to erase the negative story in your mind, you become 100% responsible for the results.  Remember…The Map is not the Reality. 

Number 3…

Own your U.S.P.  

Having a unique selling proposition is a competitive advantage that allows you to avoid the trap of trying to please everyone.

And when you fully grasp the processes required to gain clarity in your message and the words you use, it will enable you to connect with quality customers because they think you understand and can solve their problems.

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Number 4…

Build Rapport with different personality types

Knowing how to connect with your target audience to build rapport and develop beneficial relationships is the key to creating an authentic sales experience. It is key to cultivating a client base of raving fans.

Employ the right techniques to authentically build rapport using methods such as pacing, matching, and mirroring as examples. With practice, you will learn to recognise how best to connect with your clients. 

Number 5…

Get permission to Follow-Up

A ‘sure sale’ is lost when you don’t follow up. When you follow up you can resolve any issues a prospect may be having. You can avoid this from happening when you know the right techniques to follow up effectively and achieve the results you want.  Always ask permission to follow up on a particular day and time.

When you follow these steps you will remove anxiety and increase sales.

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